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Amanda Westerfield

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Chicago, IL, 60532
Apr 10, 1989 (Aries)
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Amanda - tow truck operator - heavy equipment technician - Slow Down, Move Over advocate Hello all! My name is Amanda, and I am the founder and owner of Respect Tow Truck Operators. I am here to help change the towing industry for the better! I make it a huge part of my life to help towing operators go home safe to their families. I started Respect Tow Truck Operators over 4 years ago when I just about got hit by a semi truck changing a tire on a very busy highway in Alberta, Canada. Since then, I have worked hard to spread the Slow Down, Move Over Law across the world. RTTO is over 19,000 strong and is made up of towing personnel from all over the world! We have different kinds of merchandise for sale, as well as decals. RTTO posts daily breaking news within the towing industry. We also have a list of all the operators that have been killed since January 2012. We post a daily Vintage Tow Truck of the Day, and Truck of the Day in the evenings. Every Monday, we pick a Tow Truck Operator of the Week which includes a photo of the driver and a story. Please take a second to check out Respect Tow Truck Operators! www.facebook.com/respecttowtruckoperators www.twitter.com/RTTOfanfollow
Willingdon, Alberta
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towgiirl (aol)
Towing, computers, makeup, music, mechanics, Peterbilt's, neon colors, restoring cars, '69 Mustang's, hanging out with friends, texting, playing xbox, driving, working on my suv
Favorite Music:
AC/DC, Breaking Benjamin, Theory of a Deadman, Def Leppard, Ozzy
Favorite TV Shows:
Wrecked: Life in the Crash Lane, CSI: Miami, The Simpsons, The Office, Family Guy, American Dad, The Big Bang Theory, South Park, Law & Order
Favorite Movies:
Star Trek
Favorite Quotes:
"See you in the ditch!"
Founder/Owner at Respect Tow Truck Operators (now), Primary Dispatcher at O'Hare Towing

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